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Prefab Carriage House Kit with Garage Offers Versatility

The Carriage house is a marvel combining the best modern design with the practicality of an apartment and a garage. Our prefabricated garage kit with an apartment above it offers a versatile and stylish solution that opens up many possibilities for builders.

A Unique Two-story Carriage Model Breaks the Mold

Since we started Mighty Small Homes, our small home kits have had a few things in common:
  • First, they’re small. While we’ve designed bigger custom homes, our largest standard model is 30-by-40 feet.
  • Second, they’re all single story. Although many buyers decide to add a loft, it’s completely optional.
  • And finally, they don’t have an attached garage as a standard feature.

The Two-story Prefab Garage Carriage House Kit Difference

With our new Carriage House model, we tossed all that out the window – a second-story apartment window, to be exact.

The Carriage House concept emerged from a customer who requested a custom design. They envisioned taking our Modern model, turning it sideways, and stacking it on top of a garage. The result? A stunning two-story house kit that combines practicality with sophistication.

Once we built this custom carriage version, requests started pouring. That’s when we decided to make the CarriageMouse kit a standard 18′ x 22′ model, offering 396 square feet of apartment space above the garage.

We think the name “Carriage” matches the romantic charm of this home kit design and the full range of possibilities it offers. After all, carriage houses have been a fixture in America for centuries, and now there are many new ways owners find them useful.

Prefab Garage and Apartment Kit

The Prefab Carriage House isn't a typical garage or apartment—it's a fusion of practicality and modern living.

The Versatility of Prefab Garages with Apartments

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Prefab Carriage House is its versatility as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) garage and apartment kit. This prefab two-car garage with apartment redefines the way we think about residential spaces, offering as array of practical and creative possibilities. More communities are reevaluating zoning and land use regulations to allow homeowners to add ADUs on their lots.

Auxiliary Living Space

The second-level apartment in the prefab modern carriage house provides ample living space. It's perfect for accommodating guests, creating a comfortable living area for adult children who have moved back home, or even serving as a serene retreat for homeowners seeking a change of scenery.

Parking and Storage Solutions

The lower level of the Carriage House is a traditional garage, offering secure parking for your vehicles or boats or storing tools and equipment. Its dual function ensures that your living space remains clutter-free while providing separate storage.

Creative Carriage House Ideas

carriage house with garage in the woods by a lake

The Carriage House isn't limited to traditional uses. Consider turning it into a spacious workshop with ample storage for your tools and equipment, a lake house vacation home, an artist studio, and more.

Consider these possibilities

1. Vacation Rental through Airbnb or Other Platforms

Embrace the popularity of vacation rentals by listing the upper-level apartment of your Carriage House on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO. This can prove lucrative, allowing you to earn rental income from travelers seeking a comfortable and stylish place to stay.

Discover how ADUs are perfect for short-term rentals like Airbnb.

2. Guest House for Visitors or Returning Family Members

Provide a warm welcome to guests by using the upper-level living space as a dedicated guest house. It's an excellent ADU solution for accommodating family and friends when they visit, ensuring they have a comfortable, private space to call their own.

3. Workshop with Storage for Equipment

If you're a hobbyist, artist, DIY enthusiast, or entrepreneur needing office space, transform the Carriage House into a spacious workshop. The garage area provides secure storage for tools and equipment, while the upper level can serve as your creative sanctuary.

4. Lake House with a Garage for Your Vehicles

The Carriage House easily nestles into a lakeside property with the added convenience of a garage for your vehicles and watercraft. The kit panels can be delivered at or near your building site. They are light enough to move individually to your lot if a truck can’t get close enough.

5. Hunting Cabin with Room for Your Gear

For hunters, the Carriage House can be your ideal hunting cabin. The garage area is ideal for storing hunting gear, while the upper-level apartment offers a comfortable retreat during hunting seasons.

The Carriage House's adaptability is not limited to these ideas. The only constraint is your imagination. Feel free to combine these concepts, tweak them to suit your unique needs, or create entirely new purposes for your Carriage House.

Benefits and Advantages of Our Prefab Kit Homes

animation of sips construction
A prefab kit from Mighty Small Homes can be under roof in a couple of days.
Mighty Small Homes prefab SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) kits offer several benefits and advantages for anyone building a small home efficiently and sustainably.

Fast Construction: The prefabricated SIPs assemble quickly and efficiently. They are factory-built in the USA, ensuring precise dimensions and consistent quality. Panel assembly does not require skilled labor for framing. A home can be under roof in a couple of days.

Energy Efficiency: SIPS offer a high level of insulation and are known for excellent thermal performance, leading to utility savings of 50% or more compared to traditional building methods.

Structural Strength: SIPs are known for their structural integrity. They can withstand high winds and seismic forces, making them a durable choice for various climates and regions.

Design Flexibility: Mighty Small Homes offers a range of designs and customization options, allowing you to create a small home that meets your specific needs and preferences. You can choose from various floor plans, layouts, and finishes to make your home unique.

Reduced Waste: Prefabricated kits generate less construction waste because the components are precisely manufactured off-site and assembled on-site. This can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly building process.

Cost-Effective: The savings from reduced energy bills, faster construction, and lower maintenance costs can make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Start Your Prefab Carriage House Project Today

The key to unlocking the full potential of the prefab carriage house lies in your imagination and specific needs.

Whether you're seeking additional living space, storage solutions, rental income, or a unique workspace, the Carriage House is a versatile canvas that can be tailored to your preferences. Researching and understanding your local building codes and zoning regulations is crucial if you’re considering adding an ADU.

By adhering to these regulations, you can ensure a smooth and successful construction process, bringing your creative visions to life.

Explore The Carriage model. See all our kits.

Take a Look Around this Completed Carriage House


A prefab garage with a loft is a modern architectural marvel that combines a garage space with an apartment-style living area above it. Unlike traditional garages, it offers both practicality and modern design.
The Two-story Prefab Garage Carriage House Kit is a revolutionary concept that includes a second-story apartment above a garage. It breaks away from the standard single-story small home kits and offers a versatile and sophisticated design.
A Carriage House can be used for various purposes, such as a spacious workshop, a vacation rental property, a guest house, an artist's studio, a lake house, a hunting cabin, and more. Its adaptability is limited only by your imagination.
You can list the upper-level apartment of your Carriage House on platforms like Airbnb or VRBO to generate rental income. This is a popular option for homeowners looking to earn from travelers seeking comfortable and stylish accommodations.
Prefabricated SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) kits offer several advantages, including fast construction, energy efficiency, structural strength, design flexibility, reduced waste, and long-term cost-effectiveness. They are an efficient and sustainable choice for small home construction.