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Product & Materials

Each small house kit contains everything you need to assemble your home’s exterior shell and roof, including window openings and door opening. More info is available at this link.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are building panels used for walls, floors, and roofs. Our panels are the same materials chosen by contracting and building professionals around the world. We use Fischer SIPs as our supplier of choice.

Modular homes are built almost entirely off-site and delivered in modules. They are more expensive than structural insulated panel home kits and have higher delivery and installation costs.

Our SIPs are far stronger and more insulated than traditional stick-built houses. That makes them perform better in extreme wind and more resistant to fire. (SIPs panels are not fireproof or indestructible.)

SIPs will perform well in cold and snowy environments due to their excellent insulation value. As all wood products, the exterior will need to be adequately protected to keep the OSB dry at all times.

Yes. the designs we show on our website are merely suggestions for you to build. All orders come with 1 floor plan change included so you can get the plan that works for you.

EPS rates at R3.9 per inch. This number increases as the temperature decreases, so your SIPs are performing at their best when you need it the most!

Built-in energy efficiency and low greenhouse emissions mean that our small home kits have a low impact on the environment and reduce energy costs. By reducing waste and saving natural resources, Mighty Small Homes are an environmentally responsible choice for those who want their home to be built and sustained in an environmentally responsible manner.

Financing & Pricing

The shell kit and interior lumber.

No, but we do accept credit cards.

No. Plan for approximately $4 per mile with a minimum charge of $1,200 for freight from Louisville, Kentucky.

Yes, we can do that. We can take smaller payments, prior to getting started, but we won’t start production until you have reached 50% down and we will not ship until the final payment has been made. You can also use a credit card.

This will vary greatly due to size. Kitchens and bath will drive up the cost per square foot. In a smaller house, the cost per square foot is naturally going to be higher due to less space. We would suggest that you take 3X our cost if you are building it yourself for the most part. If you are paying someone else, you need to speak with a builder and they will generally give you a cost per square foot.

Shipping & Delivery

SIPs are listed in the 2012 IRC code book. There will be very few places (if any) that will not accept them.

A typical lead time is 6 weeks. It can be as little as 4 weeks with zero plan changes.

Freight from Louisville, Kentucky is approximately $4 per mile with a minimum charge of $1200.

Our packages come on a 48’ flatbed semi. You are responsible to unload with a forklift or other equipment on site. It is not suggested that you unload by hand unless you have at least 4 people. You will have 2 hours to unload once the truck arrives.

Yes, but you will be required to pay Kentucky sales tax (6%).

You will need metal snips to cut the steel banding and a razor blade to cut the plastic wrap.

This varies based on what you will put in it. Our kit will weigh approximately 6,000 lbs installed before interior items.

We are not currently able to finish your home for you, but may be adding this feature soon.

Yes. Be sure to send us your exact dimensions so we can cut the panels correctly.