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Multi-family housing model examples

Duplex and Fourplex Kits

Multi-family homes help communities solve tight housing needs, and provide a reliable income stream for builders. They can provide personal living space plus a rental property, detached office, or separate residence for your loved ones.

For Individuals

Live in one unit of your duplex, rent the other unit to pay off building costs faster.

For Real Estate Investors

Get a fast return on your investment and a home made to last for generations.

For Multi-family Homes

Keep family members together at home while maintaining your independence.

For Home and Office

Solve the remote work vs. office commute dilemma and use the 2nd unit as a workspace.

Benefits and Advantages

Great Value for Investors and Individuals

When you build our house kits into multi-family dwellings, your investment simply goes further. You get an attractive, energy-efficient property and a new income stream.

White Duplex and White Fourplex
  • Fast and efficient construction

    Our kits are typically under roof in 3 days or less.

  • Quality materials

    Made in America, our panelized kits are built to provide lasting value.

  • Clean comfort

    Our insulated panels lower your HVAC needs and keep allergens outside where they belong.

  • Energy efficiency

    Thanks to airtight construction and insulation, our kits save you money on heating and cooling costs.

  • Eco-friendly

    Our building process reduces waste and maximizes energy efficiency to minimize environmental impact

  • ADA compliant

    Our homes can be customized with an accessible design to meet ADA requirements.

Other Available House Kits

Versatile Models, Spacious Designs

We offer a variety of prefab home kits designed to suit your taste and style.
Browse our selection and choose the floor plan that meets your needs.

FAQs About Prefab Multi-Unit Houses

A prefab multi-family house kit from Mighty Small Homes consists of structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the walls and roof that are manufactured in our plant, loaded onto a truck, and shipped to your build site for assembly into a multiple residential unit home. The kit also includes assembly instructions, engineer-stamped blueprints, CAD design, window openings, plate lumber, underlayment, fasteners, vapor wrap, special sips panel tools, door cutouts, caulk, vertical and horizontal wiring chases, and lumber for interior wall framing.

Yes, building a multi-family residence with our small house kits returns a reliable ROI, whether you intend it to become a full or partial rental unit. If you decide to live in one of the units, the rental income generated by the other unit(s) can often cover most of the monthly mortgage payment for the entire dwelling.

Compared to stick-built homes, it takes far less time to build a Mighty Small multiplex home kit. After your kit’s panels are built in our factory and shipped to your build site, your multi-family home can be under roof in 3 days, and fully completed in much less time than conventional stick frame homes.

There are various materials used to prefabricate multi-unit house kits. We use wooden oriented strand board (OSB), studs, and foam insulation for our SIPs (structural insulated panels). The remaining construction of the interior and exterior generally involves the same materials as conventional building methods.