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Our Kits Provide Lasting Value and Comfort

Building your home with energy-efficient structural insulated panels offers immediate and long-term benefits over traditional stick-built homes.

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Savings on Utility Costs

The SIPs in our house kits provide superior insulation, leading to reduced heating and cooling costs. Save up to 60% on monthly energy bills compared to traditional homes.

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Extended HVAC Life

Our high energy efficiency eases the burden on your home’s heating and cooling systems, extending their lifespan and saving you money on maintenance.

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Potential Tax Incentives

Building with SIPs potentially qualifies you for various tax incentives and rebates, thanks to their high energy efficiency.

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Increased Resale Value

In addition to energy efficiency, our prefab homes also retain more value because SIPs provide stronger resistance to hurricanes and tornadoes, making it easier to find buyers when selling the home.


More Lifetime Benefits and Advantages

In addition to outstanding thermal insulation, enhanced structural integrity, and faster construction, our house kits do even more for customers:

illustration showing additional benefits including air quality low material waste and quieterImproved Indoor Air Quality

Enjoy exceptional indoor comfort with our insulation that seals out pollutants and particulates. Maintain consistent temperatures and breathe cleaner air in a healthier living environment.

Less Wasted Materials

Reducing waste during manufacturing and minimizing on-the-job-site waste reduces disposal costs, making our SIPs a more eco-friendly method of home building.

Keep the Noise Outside

In addition to pollutants, the superior insulation and tightly sealed envelope of our SIPs reduce outside noise, creating a more peaceful home environment.

More About Our Insulated Panels


Image demonstrating investment opportunities

Increased Profitability for Investment Properties

For real estate investors, our panelized homes lower utility costs, making your rental property more attractive to tenants, especially when building duplexes and other multi-family residences.

Build Your Next Investment

Join the journey to a greener and more sustainable world while enjoying unparalleled comfort and savings.

Find a Model That’s Right for You

*Disclaimer: The savings in utility costs mentioned above are approximate and subject to various factors like climate, local energy prices, and individual usage patterns.