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The Right Style, The Right Size

That large suburban home worked great for a house full of kids. It’s too much for mom today. She needs a break, and so do you. No maintenance. Less cleaning. No worry.

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Don’t Get Stuck With Shortages and Rising Costs

The low inventory of smaller homes makes downsizing difficult, if not impossible, for mom. She can’t stay where she is, and can’t find a more manageable place. Today, many communities recognize this challenge and are changing zoning regulations to allow building ADUs.

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Bottom Line Benefits

It makes sense for mom to be nearby. You can check on her. Her place lets her see the grandkids all the time. She has her independence. There’s more:

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Our super insulated homes consume a fraction of utilities compared to traditional stick frame ADUs. That saves you – or mom – about 60% on heating and cooling.

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Mighty Small Homes can withstand powerful winds from severe weather such as tornadoes or hurricanes – up to 150 mph – and they can handle the weight of heavy snow.

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Once your panels arrive at the build site, our house kits can be under roof in as little as 1-3 days.


Flexibility for the Future

If mom only makes seasonal visits for the summer, winter or holidays, you can use the ADU to generate income as a short-term rental. Or you can use the space for a studio or home office.

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Need a custom size?

Need a house that fits certain lot sizes or dimensions you don’t see here?
Let our experts help you design a kit home that fits your needs.

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