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Structural Insulated Panels for kit homes in a factory

All of Our Kits are 100% Made in the USA

Being manufactured in the United States means our prefabricated kit homes meet the highest quality standards for craftsmanship, ensuring your Mighty Small Home lasts for generations.

American Quality and Strength

Whether you are worried about hurricanes, blizzards, or just daily wear and tear, rest easy knowing our house kits are even more durable than traditional stick frame homes.

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Mighty Small Homes sips panel
Energy-Efficient Home

Red, White, and Blue…
and Green

Thanks to our high quality SIP panels, our home kits are 2-3 times more energy-efficient than traditional framed homes – and stronger. Expect to save up to 60% on your energy costs.

Easy as IKEA
Maybe Easier

Our detailed, step-by-step instructions are written by Americans, for Americans. Our clearly labeled wall and roof panels make it easy to complete your shell.

This element contains a visual representation of a house made up of SIP panels. When this element is in view, the panels animate—first bursting apart and then coming back together.

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Check out our Mighty practical building lists to help you keep track of materials you'll receive, recommended tools, resources, and additional considerations you should review before building the home of your dreams.

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