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Great Options for Cottage House Kits

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A charming Cottage kit home offers DIYers more versatility for living, working, or investing. These insulated and energy-efficient storybook spaces can be customized, prefabricated, shipped to your construction site and built quickly.

The Cottage model from Mighty Small Homes is available in three sizes, and each kit includes a custom floor plan. Here’s a look at some exciting possibilities for your cottage.

ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units)

Evolving community land use regulations make adding cottage-style accessory dwelling units (ADUs) a great option.

Our small Cottage kits match the character of many urban and suburban neighborhoods. They are an ideal choice because they are cost-effective and adaptable, offering efficient use of space on your property in areas where a homeowners association doesn't restrict these property enhancements. An optional loft adds extra charm.

You can use our Cottage house kit as a residence for your college-age child wanting a little independence, a granny suite for inlaws, or as a leasing property for some passive income, or for short-term rentals through Airbnb or VRBO.

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Airbnb for Anywhere Comfort

interior of cottage style sips home with stairs leading to a loft in the background

From coastal hideaways to mountain retreats, our cottages are customizable to fit your needs for an Airbnb or other short term rental space.

With sizes ranging from 480 square feet to 864 square feet, the design gives you open space or extra rooms. The vaulted ceiling makes adding a loft for even more space easy.

This home style works for infill in the most urban neighborhoods to the most remote areas on a lake or mountain setting. The insulated panels keep noise out and help maintain a comfortable temperature, assuring relaxation.

As aesthetically appealing and cozy retreats, the Cottage makes guests feel like they’re at home away from home.

In-Law Suites

Image of small cottage pool house next to a swimming pool

The compact and functional design makes the Cottage house kit ideal for in-law suites. These quickly-built kits can be customized to include amenities that suit the needs of your inlaws or extended family members.

The models can be future-proofed with 36-inch door cutouts for wheelchair access.

Our Cottage kits are easier to integrate into existing properties without overwhelming the space. And when your in-laws aren’t staying with you, you can earn passive income by renting the space.

Relaxing Lake House Retreats


Our Cottage kits are tailor-made to support the easy life on the lake's edge or near the ocean.

Featuring spacious layouts and cozy lofts, these homes offer room for everyone, filling the need for a vacation retreat or that new place to call home when downsizing.

Cottages make great lake homes because they aren't just about a house; they're about embracing a lifestyle of peaceful mornings, lazy afternoons, and unforgettable sunsets.

Cottages for the Mountains or Wilderness

If a forest retreat is more your thing, a cottage nestles nicely on a hillside. The kits can be built on any foundation, including a walkout basement for even more space. When you’re ready to ski, hike, or hunt, the cottage offers the space.

The structural panels keep the warmth inside. In heavy snow regions, choose thicker roof panels to handle the load. All kits can be customized to match the natural surroundings with customizable doors and windows.

The “She Shed” Sanctuary


With their quick build time and smaller footprint, cottage house kits fit well within a backyard as a She Shed ADU, offering a private escape for relaxation, hobbies, or creative pursuits.

Imagine a charming space nestled in your garden, perfect for your passions as a crafting station, a gardening space, a fitness center, or a meditation room.

Detached Office, Studio, or Workshop

Cottage house kits are great for having separated offices, studios, or workshops, offering a dedicated space away from the main house where you can be more productive without interruptions.

Whether you're diving into creative pursuits, running a business, or seeking a tranquil haven for focused activities, our Cottage prefab kits offer comfort and just enough distance to make a difference.

Your Way – Cottage-Style Living or Working Space?

front of a Cottage house kit built by a customer of Mighty Small Homes

Cottage-style living attracts diverse individuals seeking a blend of comfort, charm, functionality, and timelessness for a simpler way of life. From nature enthusiasts to investors, the Cottage kit fits a wide variety of needs and future plans.

  • Individuals or families seeking quaint living
  • Retirees or empty nesters
  • Developers specializing in traditional homes
  • Investors
  • Preservationists

Benefits of Our Prefab Cottage Homes

From their appealing appearance to the flexibility of their floor plans, our Cottage home kits deliver unique advantages for maximum comfort in your customized living or working spaces.

  • Quick assembly - Our kits can get you under roof sooner, in as little as a couple of days
  • Insulated panels - Our structural insulated panels (SIPs) offer safety and security beyond traditional buildings. Homes built with SIPs can withstand winds up to 150 mph.
  • Layout customization - Our prefabricated house kits come in various sizes to fit your lifestyle and structural needs. Homes include one free customized floor plan.
  • Energy efficiency - Our kits can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 50-60% and minimize waste reduction during prefabrication.
  • Cost of ownership - Over the long run, our kits save money with less maintenance and lower utility costs.
  • Made In the USA - Count on quality American craftsmanship.

Imagine that cozy space, the charm of a mountain hideaway, or just a quiet spot away from the chaos of the city. Our Cottage kits deliver what you need — comfort, practicality, and eco-friendliness for a space uniquely yours.


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