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Great Ways To Use Small House Kits

MSH Examples Montage Small House Kits Ues PIC 22578 1300x519

Prefab small kit houses have emerged as a popular, versatile solution for building a new home.

House kits from Mighty Small Homes offer choices and opportunities for property investment, a new permanent residence, a granny suite, a vacation home, or something completely different, like a home office, a studio, or an ADU. We have the perfect kit home to make your dream come true.


Almost every Mighty Small Home model can be adapted for various purposes, making them work for your specific needs. With various sizes and designs, there’s bound to be the right model and size for you.

  • Modern
  • Carriage
  • Contemporary
  • Cottage
  • Ranch
  • Duplex Multiplex – Coming soon

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While each house kit model has unique individual benefits, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Exploring the Diverse Uses of Small House Kits

ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

ADUs, also known as granny flats or backyard cottages, have gained popularity as versatile living spaces as more communities amend land use regulations. Small kit houses offer an excellent solution for adding ADUs because they are cost-effective, customizable, and offer efficient use of space. They provide a convenient and timely option whether you require additional living space for extended family members, a rental opportunity, or a home office.

If you’re considering an ADU or an Airbnb rental, The Carriage House kit with a garage could be your ideal choice. Its compact yet well-designed layout makes it an ideal choice for creating a cozy retreat.

The Modern and Cottage models adapt well for use as an ADU.

Airbnb – Short-Term Rental

Image of a completed ranch home kit

Small kit houses can serve as perfect Airbnb rentals, providing travelers with a unique and cozy accommodation experience. These compact dwellings can be designed with all the necessary amenities, offering a comfortable stay for guests while generating additional income for homeowners.

Whether building the rental as an ADU or on a lot in the woods or on a lake, the Carriage, Modern, and Cottage are worth exploring first. Picture your guests experiencing the charm of these models.

In-Law Suites

Small Modern Rendering

Small kit houses can be ideal for creating in-law suites, providing a separate and comfortable living space for aging parents or visiting relatives. These self-contained units offer privacy and independence while connecting to the main household.

The “Cottage” and “Modern” models are well-suited for in-law suites. The “Cottage” house kit provides a warm and inviting atmosphere. At the same time, the “Modern” model offers a more contemporary and versatile design, allowing you to tailor the space to your specific needs and preferences.

Investment Property

Image of multifamily house kit prefabricated and manufactured by mighty small homes

Investing in small kit houses as rental properties can yield substantial returns. With their affordable construction costs and customizable designs, these compact dwellings offer an attractive option for real estate investors looking to generate passive income. The small house kit could also be an investment as a duplex or a quadplex housing.

For rental properties or multi-unit investments, consider the duplexes or quadplexes. You could rent a part of the property while living in the other. For single-family dwellings or individuals, Carriage kits and Modern kits are excellent choices. The Ranch model adapts works well on traditional suburban lots.

Lake House
Iowa lakehouse


Small kit houses are well-suited for building charming lake houses. With their efficient use of space, customizable designs, and the ability to incorporate large windows to capture beautiful lake views, these compact dwellings offer an idyllic retreat by the water.

Hunting Cabin

For outdoor enthusiasts and hunters, small kit houses make excellent hunting cabins. They can be located in remote areas and provide a comfortable shelter during hunting trips, blending the charm of nature with the convenience of modern living.

Whether you’re building a lake house, a beachfront retreat, or a hunting cabin, the Cottage house kit exudes charm and coziness. With its inviting design and classic cottage features, you can create a warm and welcoming escape where cherished memories are made. Consider the Modern model’s large windows to get the most out of the scenic vistas.

Vacation Home

An artist's rendering of an MSH Cottage

Small kit houses can be an ideal choice for vacation homes, providing a cozy and intimate setting for getaways. Their cost-effectiveness, quick assembly, and customizable designs allow homeowners to create a personalized oasis for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The “Modern” house kit, with its sleek lines, open floor plan, and large windows, epitomizes contemporary living. It’s perfect for creating a stunning vacation home where you can immerse yourself in nature while enjoying all the comforts of modern design.

Imagine waking up to breathtaking views through those expansive windows, making every day a getaway.

First-Time Entry Level

Small kit houses offer an excellent entry point into homeownership for first-time buyers. With customizable designs, our models allow us to own a home that meets specific needs.

For those looking to downsize or step into homeownership for the first time, The Contemporary house kit offers a blend of modern aesthetics and practicality. Its clean lines and efficient use of space make it an excellent choice for simplifying your life without sacrificing style.

Live the contemporary dream in a space designed for the modern lifestyle.


Modern kit in alabama

Empty nesters or individuals seeking a simpler lifestyle can benefit from small kit houses. Our homes maximize space for comfortable living while reducing maintenance and utility costs, allowing individuals to focus on what truly matters.

If you’re downsizing or purchasing your first home, our Ranch house kit offers single-level living in a traditional style suitable for many lot locations. Its timeless design and adaptability make it a smart choice for those seeking a comfortable and accessible living space. The Contemporary offers square footage up to 1,500 square feet in standard models. Its clean lines and efficient use of space make it an excellent choice for simplifying your life without sacrificing style.


Small kit houses can be transformed into creative studios or workshops, offering dedicated spaces for artists, hobbyists, or entrepreneurs. These self-contained units provide the privacy and functionality required for pursuing artistic or professional endeavors.

For a creative studio or workshop, the best recommendation is the Modern kit. Its open and contemporary design, with plenty of natural light from large windows, makes it an inspiring space for artistic endeavors or entrepreneurial ventures.

Work from Home

In the age of remote work, small kit houses can serve as dedicated home offices. Away from the distractions of the main household, these compact dwellings provide a peaceful and productive environment for individuals to focus on their work without compromising on comfort.

Our Modern, Carriage, and Cottage models have standard sizes perfect for a small home office built as an accessory dwelling unit. A custom floor plan lets you design the perfect working space where you can work while enjoying the comforts of your home.

Pool House

Pool house

Small kit houses can be repurposed as pool houses or garages. These versatile structures offer storage space, changing rooms, and relaxation areas for poolside activities. Alternatively, they can serve as functional garages, providing secured parking space.

For people needing a place to change before and after swimming, the Modern and  Cottage offers the best options for a pool house, depending on your style preferences. The Carriage may be an option if you need storage for garden and pool equipment. All three models offer compact sizes to fit your space.

Benefits and Advantages of Our Prefab Kits

Mighty Small Homes prefab SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) kits offer many advantages to those needing a home, office, investment property, etc.

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Fast Construction: The prefabricated SIPs assemble quickly and efficiently. They are factory-built in the USA, ensuring precise dimensions and consistent quality. Panel assembly does not require skilled labor for framing. A home can be under roof in a couple of days.

Energy Efficiency: SIPS offer a high level of insulation and are known for excellent thermal performance, leading to utility cost savings of 50% or more compared to traditional building methods.

Structural Strength: SIPs are known for their structural integrity. They can withstand high winds and seismic forces, making them a durable choice for various climates and regions.

Design Flexibility: Mighty Small Homes offers a range of designs and customization options, allowing you to create a place that meets your needs and preferences. You can choose from various floor plans, layouts, and finishes to make your home unique.

Reduced Waste: Prefabricated kits generate less construction waste because the components are precisely manufactured off-site and assembled on-site. This can contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly building process.

Cost-Effective: The savings from reduced energy bills, faster construction, and lower maintenance costs can make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Which Mighty Small Home is right for you?
We can help you decide.

Let loose your creativity and build your dream quickly. Each prefab kit offers unique benefits, making your prefab home a flexible and cost-effective solution for modern living.

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