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For years, the lives of homeowners have been dictated by the need to maintain and care for large houses. Now, a new generation is discovering the freedom and benefits that come with building a small house. The three core aspects of Mighty Small Homes make living bigger easier than ever before.

Mighty Smart

 The top-notch materials we use greatly reduce the cost of living, while maintaining the stability you expect from your home. Rather than spending a third of your income on mortgage payments and utilities, build a small house with Mighty Small Homes and enjoy your newfound savings.

No matter how you decide to finish your Mighty Small Home, you will be receiving a high-quality, affordable, energy-efficient house delivered directly to you. There is no limit on your finishing options as well. Your exterior can be made of brick, wood, vinyl siding, or stone, and your floor and fixture options are practically limitless.

Mighty Strong

Mighty Small Homes is dedicated to craftsmanship and product quality, utilizing some of the strongest building materials available. The panels we use are secure, structurally stable, and energy-efficient. In fact, the structural insulated Mighty Small panels are comparable to I-beams, providing more structural strength than traditionally built homes, while remaining light enough to lift by hand.

After a thorough inspection, each panel is cut with precision to create the requested door and window cutouts. After the rigorous inspection and cuts are made, your Mighty Small Home will be packaged and shipped to your location, ready to assemble.

Mighty Sustainable

Mighty Small Homes are two to three times more energy-efficient than traditionally built homes. The airtight nature of the Mighty panels greatly reduces the impact of outside noise and can even reduce the amount of allergens, dust, and dirt that enters your home.

Our homes use sustainable materials and incorporate foam cores that eliminate the need for additional insulation between walls. The Mighty Small Homes process also in far less construction site waste being sent to landfills. This reduction in energy expenditures means a much smaller carbon footprint for you and your family.


Discover the inspiration behind Mighty Small Homes and why we’re dedicated to bringing a unique, sustainable way of life to homeowners around the world.



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