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384 square feet

Our most popular and cost-effective design, the Ranch is a one-floor classic style and a great choice for open and traditional layouts. Our ranch homes are ideal for those looking for both simplicity and energy efficiency.
$15,000.00This cost excludes upgrades and delivery



Front and Side Views of the Ranch
Section Elevation
Example Floor Plan
Front and Side Views of the Ranch
Section Elevation
Example Floor Plan
  • Exterior width 24 feet
  • Exterior depth 16 feet
  • Roof Peak 12′ 9″
  • Wall Thickness 4 1/2″
  • Roof Thickness 4 1/2″


  • Exterior walls
  • Roof panels
  • Ridge Beam or Truss
  • House wrap
  • Roofing felt (underlayment)
  • Plate lumber
  • 160 ft of wiring chases

Customizations and upgrades:

  • SIPs subfloor: $3,000
  • Upgraded Exterior Walls $900
  • Upgraded Roof Panels $950
  • 36-inch door cutout (wheelchair accessibility) $0
  • Windows $1,200
  • Doors $350
  • Skylights (cost varies)
  • Upgraded Windows (cost varies)
  • Additional exterior wall wiring chases (cost varies)
  • Additional exterior wall plumbing chases (cost varies)
  • Metal Roofing – Classic $1,625

Not included:

  • Foundation
  • Skylights

We offer a variety of customizations and add-ons to our small home kits. Reach out today for a quote.



  • $500 of custom floor plan design
  • 27 lineal feet of interior walls

Available Customizations:

  • Standard-sized loft $600
  • Lumber for larger loft (cost varies)
Assembly Tools


  • SIPs caulk
  • SIPs foam
  • Screws for connecting SIPs
  • Engineered Stamped Drawings
  • Hot Foam Scoop

Cost varies dependent upon kit size and shipping distance.