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She sheds are the ideal getaway space where women can retreat, relax, and work on projects.


Men have had their “man caves” for years, but now women finally have their very own space dedicated to them: the she shed. Whether you want a gardening getaway, crafting cottage, or a relaxation retreat, our Mighty Small Homes kits are versatile enough to be transformed into your dream she shed.

Offering both functionality and flexibility, she sheds are the perfect addition to your backyard for peace, privacy, and productivity. She Sheds are as tough as the women they’re built for, offering long-lasting durability and protection from severe weather.

In addition to durability, she sheds are also incredibly sustainable and reduce material waste, air pollution, and air leakage. Our TinyCottage , and Ranch kits are all great options to be converted into your very own she shed.


Building Your Own She Shed

We offer kits that are ready-to-assemble, making the process of building your she shed quick and easy. Our customers are able to get under roof in less than 12 hours, and many have built their entire shell kit in less than a week. If you’d like to learn about the assembly process, you can read more to see exactly how it works.
For those who consider themselves handy, our kits can also be put together with little-to-no help. For reassurance, however, consider working with a general contractor to make sure everything is constructed properly. Ensuring a flat and smooth surface will be the most effective when building the foundation. Based on the size and location of your she shed, you will have several different foundation options.

  • Basement:
    More spacious and best-suited for non-rainy climates
  • Concrete Slab:
    A solid choice for a variety of climates
  • Crawl Space:
    Best suited for dryer, non-rainy climates
  • Pier and Beam:
    Ideal for areas prone to flooding

Possibilities for She Shed Kits

There are endless possibilities for how you can use your she shed. Some of our favorites are listed below.

  • Reading Room:
    The perfect place for bookworms to store their books, relax, and read.
  • Crafting Room:
    Have a dedicated space to get creative and work on projects.
  • Gardening Storage:
    Pot your flowers and plants, and store your gardening tools.
  • Nap Room:
    A quiet and cozy place to lay down and rest.
  • Brunch Dining:
    Add a table with chairs and invite your friends over for Sunday brunch.
  • Outdoor Bar:
    Serve drinks poolside or next to an outdoor seating area.