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Building a Dream that Lasts

Damian Pataluna and Cyndi Masters created Mighty Small Homes for a world in need of sustainable, strong, and energy-efficient home solutions for those who care about creating their dream home that will last for generations. While there are many choices available for those interested in joining the small and tiny home movement, few offer the high-quality materials, the many years of expertise, and the foundation to build small and tiny houses that will stand up to extreme weather conditions and generations of beautifully affordable and custom living.

Damian Pataluna, Co-Founder

Damian Pataluna has been providing SIP panels to builders on a national scale for over 20 years and quickly became a leader within the industry. He has sat on the board of directors within the industry and been an active member on both technical and marketing committees for SIPs. Damian enjoys success away from building as an award winning ballroom dancer who enjoys sports and international travel.

Cyndi Masters, Co-Founder

Cyndi Masters is an award-winning entrepreneur and the CEO of DBS Interactive, a premier digital marketing, web development and design agency in Louisville, KY. Leveraging her experience to find underserved markets and serve a larger community, Cyndi knew the positive effect Mighty Small Homes can have on a global scale. Masters’ mantra, “success equals responsibility” permeates her personal and professional endeavors. Her passions are clear — to transform lives, make our world a better place to live and to focus on high quality products that can stand the test of time.

Committed to Excellence

The idea for Mighty Small Homes truly began in 2006. After witnessing devastation in Haiti, Damian and Cyndi recognized a genuine passion for helping those displaced by natural disaster. Seeing the inferior materials being used to house those displaced by tragedy, they were inspired to find a more efficient and structurally sound solution. As a result, one of the most important goals for Mighty Small Homes is to eventually provide unlimited safe housing for hurricane and other natural disaster victims. Specifically, housing that is secure, sustainable, energy efficient and highly portable. Mighty Small Homes will look to partner with other countries to build homes for disaster relief, as well as aid the recent humanitarian relief efforts for refugees.

The Mighty Small Homes team is dedicated to providing strong, durable houses to a new generation of homeowners. These homes are built to last hundreds of years if taken care of properly.

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