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Mother-In-Law Suite

Nothing is more important than family and friends, and our mother-in-law suites ensure that your loved ones have a convenient and comfortable living space.


The mother-in-law suite offers a separate space for family members to stay at and gives both parties two very important benefits: more privacy and additional space. With the ability to be built in your backyard, the mother-in-law suite provides you with much needed privacy, while still keeping your family members close.

Whether your in-laws are visiting for the week, your best friend’s family needs a temporary place to stay, or your elderly mother is moving in so you help take better care of her, the mother-in-law suite has a variety of possibilities that can adhere to your specific wants and needs.

Our carriage, modern, ranch, cottage, and tiny home models could all be used to transform into the perfect mother-in-law suite for your needs. Each kit is energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and also helps you save on utilities throughout your lifetime by keeping your mother-in-law suite airtight.


Building Your Own Mother-In-Law Suite

Your mother-in-law suite can be built quickly and efficiently with our ready-to-assemble kits. Several of our past customers have gotten under roof in less than 12 hours, and many have also built the entire shell kit in seven days or less. If you’re curious about assembly details, you can read more to see how it works.

A lot of our handy customers have the skills to assemble our kits on their own, however, you should consider working with a general contractor to ensure everything is built accurately. Flat and smooth surfaces will be best and easiest when building the foundation. Depending on the size and location of your mother-in-law suite, there a few different options for foundation.

  • Basement:
    More spacious and best-suited for non-rainy climates
  • Concrete Slab:
    A solid choice for a variety of climates
  • Crawl Space:
    Best suited for dryer, non-rainy climates
  • Pier and Beam:
    Ideal for areas prone to flooding

Possibilities for Mother-In-Law Suite Kits

There are multiple possibilities for how you use your mother-in-law suite. We’ve listed some of our favorites below:

  • Guest house:
    When friends and family are in town to visit, give them a more comfortable place to stay than a hotel or your spare bedroom.
  • Airbnb:
    When vacant, use your in-law suite to generate revenue to out-of-town visitors through Airbnb.
  • College-Aged Children:
    If your son or daughter is about to start college, give them a place to stay that’s cheaper and more comfortable than on-campus dorms and housing.
  • Pool House:
    Give visitors a place right by the pool to change, shower, dry off, eat, and relax.
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit:
    Rent out your space to a contracted tenant.