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  • Model The Cottage
    Cottage wo trees 800
  • Location New York
  • Foundation Type Slab
  • Dimensions 18' x 24'
  • Square Footage 528 sq. ft.
  • Options & Upgrades Loft
    Metal Roof
    Pine Ceiling
  • Floor Plan
    Cottage 600 w loft

"My entire MSH experience was about as easy as it could get. From interior layout, design consultation, optioning to delivery, I could not have asked for better. The house is small but extremely efficient. Averaging $40/mo for electricity with heat and air conditioning (mini splits). Lotta small (but Mighty) home for 24’ x 16’. Note: if you’re thinking this small (but Mighty), install pocket or barn slider doors when framing interior walls."

Jon Pratt

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