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600 square feet

Comfortable and inviting, our small cottage plans provide the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. The familiar style is a great choice for permanent living or your beautiful home away from home.
$25,500.00This cost excludes upgrades and delivery



Front and Side Views of the Cottage
Example Floor Plan
Example Loft Plan
Front and Side Views of the Cottage
Example Floor Plan
Example Loft Plan
  • Exterior width 20 feet
  • Exterior depth 30 feet
  • Roof Peak 18′ 6″
  • Wall Thickness 4 1/2″
  • Roof Thickness 6 1/2″


  • Exterior walls
  • Roof panels
  • Ridge Beam
  • House wrap
  • Roofing felt (underlayment)
  • Plate lumber
  • 200 ft of wiring chases

Customizations and upgrades:

  • SIPs subfloor: $4,200
  • Upgraded Exterior Walls $1,250
  • Upgraded Roof Panels $975
  • 36-inch door cutout (wheelchair accessibility) $0
  • Windows $1,800
  • Doors $700
  • Skylights (cost varies)
  • Upgraded Windows (cost varies)
  • Additional exterior wall wiring chases (cost varies)
  • Additional exterior wall plumbing chases (cost varies)
  • Metal Roofing – Classic $2,650

Not included:

  • Foundation
  • Skylights

We offer a variety of customizations and add-ons to our small home kits. Reach out today for a quote.



  • $500 of custom floor plan design
  • 55 lineal feet of interior walls

Available Customizations:

  • Standard-sized loft $1,300
  • Lumber for larger loft (cost varies)
Assembly Tools


  • SIPs caulk
  • SIPs foam
  • Screws for connecting SIPs
  • Engineered Stamped Drawings
  • Hot Foam Scoop

Cost varies dependent upon kit size and shipping distance.