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January 9, 2018

Since we started Mighty Small Homes, our small home kits have had a few things in common.

First, they’re small. While we’ve done bigger custom homes, our largest standard model is 30-by-40 feet.

Second, they’re all single story. Although many buyers decide to add a loft, it’s completely optional.

And finally, they don’t have an attached garage.

With the Carriage House model, we tossed all that out the window a second-story window, to be exact.

This prefab small house kit started as a custom design. Someone had the idea to take the Mighty Small Homes Modern model and turn it sideways, then raise it on top of a two-story garage. The versatile ADU (accessory dwelling unit) offers more than adequate space to live, work or play and park your cars. Renting this carriage house on Airbnb offers another option – as an investment.  

Once we built the first one, requests started pouring in for more. We decided to make the prefab Carriage House home kit a standard model of 396 square feet.

Check out the floor plan and other details. Every Mighty Small Homes home kit includes a custom floor plan to match your needs and tastes.

Uses for the two-story home kit

Mighty Small Homes Carriage House Model

We expect that most Carriage House buyers will choose this prefab model for practical reasons: they want an ADU with a garage to store cars or tools, plus auxiliary living or storage space. Other uses include:

Before starting, be sure to check your local codes and zoning regulations because they’re different in every community.

Instead, we think the name “Carriage House” represents the romantic charm of this design and the full range of possibilities it offers. After all, carriage houses have been a fixture in America for centuries, and many are still in use in various ways.

Start your project today

If you’re interested in a Carriage House or a custom model, just contact us!