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January 9, 2018

Since we started this company, our home kits have had a few things in common. First, they’re small. While we’ve done bigger custom homes, our largest standard model is 30×40 feet. Second, they’re all single story. Although many buyers decide to add a loft, it’s completely optional. And finally, they don’t have an attached garage.

We’re about to throw all of that out the window (a second-story window, to be exact) with our newest kit, the Carriage House model.

This model actually started out as a custom design. Someone had the idea to take the Modern model and turn it sideways, then raise it up on top of a two-story garage. The end result (shown here) is exceptionally functional and attractive.

Once we’d built the first one in November 2017, requests started pouring in for more. That’s why we decided to make the Carriage House a standard model. It will be available in 20×20 square feet (800 square feet total).

Mighty Small Homes Carriage House Model

Full specifications and pricing will be available on our website soon. While the standard configuration includes a garage door on the first floor, we are always willing to work with buyers to design custom designs.

Uses for the two-story home kit

We expect that most Carriage House buyers will choose this model for practical reasons: they want a garage to store cars or tools, plus auxiliary living or storage space. However, we envision lots of other uses when local code and zoning laws allow, including:

  • Apartment for grown children
  • Guest house for visitors
  • Vacation rental
  • Workshop
  • Boathouse
  • Live/work combo space

Originally we called the custom design the “Garage Model” and the “Two Story Home Kit.” However, we think the name “Carriage House” better represents the charm of this design and the wide range of possibilities it offers. After all, carriage houses have been a fixture in America for centuries, and many are still in use in various ways.

More possibilities in the pipeline

Just like what happened with the Carriage House, other custom requests could become new models. We’re currently working on two custom designs that could have broad appeal:

  • Modified cottage – This custom design has the same classic “A” roofline as our Cottage model, but it’s narrower and deeper. We think this design might be popular for urban revitalization efforts for two reasons. First, the dimensions work great for a narrow city lot – especially when you need to come in 5 feet from your property line on either side. Second, the exterior is easily adapted to a variety of styles. For example, it could fit in perfectly with a row of Victorian cottages or craftsman bungalows – especially with the addition of a front porch.
  • Camelback – The Camelback is also a great choice for narrow lots. Like with the cottage, it is narrow and deep. In addition, it has a two-story section in the back. This allows it to fit in nicely with a row of one-story houses – whether that’s needed due to zoning or simply preferred for aesthetics – while also offering additional living space in the higher (and potentially wider) two-story section.

Video: How assembly of a two-story house kit works

You might think building a two-story house would be a lot more difficult than building a one-story. To be honest, it isn’t – if you use a Mighty Small Homes kit! Here’s a 12-minute video showing how our first Carriage House came together.

Start your project today

If you’re interested in a Carriage House or a custom model, just contact us!